Top Three Care Tips For Your New Fibreglass Pool

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If you are tired of the Australian summer heat and would love to take advantage of cooling off in a swimming pool before the end of summer, you are in luck! One of the big advantages about installing a fibreglass pool is that you can go from excavation to swimming in the space of just two weeks! However, to keep your pool looking in tip top shape for the summers ahead, you need to know how to take care of it. Here are the top three tips for keeping your new fibreglass pool in pristine condition.

Algae Removal

Algae is a green moss that will grow on the sides and bottom of your pool if it is allowed to take hold. One way that you can keep algae out of your pool is to keep the water pH level between 7.2 and 7.6. The pH level needs to be in this range so that the chlorine you add can work hard at keeping algae away.

If algae has attached itself to the pool, you need to use a soft bristle brush to remove it. A hard bristle brush will scratch and damage the fibreglass pool surface, so a soft brush is best. If the algae is particularly stubborn, crush five vitamin C tablets into a fine powder, Wrap these in a clean cloth, and wipe them over the algae. The ascorbic acid within the powder will help to dissolve the most stubborn of organic stains.

Helpful tip: the more you use the pool, the less chance algae has to grow on the surface of your pool. This is because the water is constantly moving thanks to being disturbed by the motion of swimmers in the pool. This keeps the water constantly circulating through the pool cleaner, and the algae spores are more likely to be removed.

Always Monitor The Water Level

If you do not have a cover for your pool, you will lose a little of your water each day because of evaporation. The main problem with a loss of water in fibreglass pools is that the pressure of the water inside the pool is helping to maintain the pressure balance between the inside and outside of the pool. The area between the outer layer of the pool and the ground is filled with backfill. If this backfill exerts too much pressure on the outside of the pool, it can push the walls inwards and cause cracks to occur.

Cracks that appear in the shell of your fibreglass pool below the water line will require the pool to be completely drained, and the repairs will need to be done by a pool professional. Since both these occurrences will cost you money, it is an extra expense that can be easily avoided by making sure the pool is constantly topped up with fresh water.

Restoring A Dull Finish

After your pool has been exposed to the sun for a while, you may notice that the surface finish is looking dull. This is caused by the paint oxidising in the sun. However, small spots can be easily restored by yourself without calling on the professionals.

The only two tools you will need for this job are a tin of polishing compound used on cars, and a supply of soft, cloth buffing rags. You can purchase both of these items from your local automotive supply store. If the dull spots are below the water line, you will need to drain the water below the spot that needs attention before you can begin.

Apply the polishing compound in small amounts to the pool surface, and buff away using the cloth rags. Not only will it revitalise the lack of colour in the wall, but it will also smooth away any small scratches that were located there. Make sure you apply a fibreglass wax product to the top of the area before you refill the water so that the wall remains waterproof and tightly sealed.

A fibreglass swimming pool will give you and your family years of enjoyment if you look after it, and will also add to the resale value of your home. Why put up with uncomfortable, hot days any longer when the opportunity to splash around in your backyard is just a fortnight away?


27 January 2015

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