Making an Emergency Car Repair Kit for Australia's Remote Highways


Australia has some of the world's most remote stretches of highway. If you are on a long drive and your car has trouble, you certainly don't want to get stranded on one of these roads. That's why you need an emergency roadside kit. When making your kit, stock it with these essentials that boost your battery and give you light to see the repair:

1. Booster cables and battery jumpers

Don't let a dead battery leave you stranded on the side of the road. Instead, ensure that you always have a set of booster cables in your car. That way, you can easily jump start your battery, drive home and deal with the issue without having to pay for a tow.

However, on a remote road, it may take hours for another car to drive along and offer you use of their battery to jump their car. To address this situation, pack your emergency kit with some alternative battery jumping solutions. Epsom salt when mixed with a small bit of water can be applied to your battery, and the magnesium sulfate in the solution will help to get your battery started again.

Alternatively, there are small power packs that you can connect to your vehicle's cigarette lighter. These power packs send a jolt to your battery that is often enough to get it working again.

2. Spare tyre and jack

Flat tyres, like dead batteries, are one of the most common reasons for getting stranded on the side of the road. To avoid costly towing fees, make sure that your car has a spare tyre and a jack so that you are always ready to deal with a popped tire.

Most vehicles come with these repair kits in the boot, but check yours periodically to make sure everything is in working order, and if you have purchased a used car, make sure you have this equipment on hand, as the previous owner may have used and not replaced it.

Alternatively, you may also want to consider keeping a patch repair kit in your car. In many cases, you can repair the tyre without even taking it off your car.

3. Fluids

Stocking your car with emergency fluids can help if you get a leak. Unfortunately, without the right fluids, your engine may experience friction and overheat, your brakes may stop working, your powersteering may stall or the fluids in your radiator may freeze. Even if you simply run out of windscreen washer fluid, it can become dangerous to drive.

Keep a bottle of each of the fluids your vehicle uses in your emergency kit. Then, if your car stops due to lack of fluid, you can easily top it up.

4. Car manual

Finally, do not overlook the importance of having your car's manual. If you have thrown out the manual that came with your vehicle, you can order a range of repair manuals that guide you through the varied parts of any make or model of car.

5. 10w rechargeable portable led work light

All of your other tools are absolutely worthless if it is the middle of the night and you can't see anything. To ensure you can look at your car and make a few small adjustments to get it running again, you need a 10w rechargeable portable led work light.

Ideally, you want one that can recharge on an outlet or use your car's battery. You also want your rechargeable portable light to feature a weather-resistant aluminum frame and a waterproof case -- that way, you can enjoy light regardless of the weather conditions. Finally, look for a light that works several hours so that you don't fix half the problem and then end up in darkness, unable to repair the rest of it.

Also, try to find a light where the bulb is contained in tempered glass. Ideally, you should keep your LED rechargeable light in a safe part of your car, but if it slips loose and rattles around the boot a bit, you want to ensure it survives.


14 October 2015

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