Tips for Replacing Garage Door Rollers

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After you have installed a roller door on your garage, it will require maintenance over time. The various parts will wear with use and one of the components that wears at the quickest rate is the actual door roller. This means that periodically you will need to replace the rollers on your garage door. Before you begin replacing this garage door component, it is important that you are aware of the most helpful replacement tips that will make the process simpler. 

Lift door

Once you have purchased new door rollers, you can begin replacement by making sure that the garage door is in the lifted position. It is suggested that you lift your garage door completely and actually put a clamp in place about over half of the way up the door that will keep the door lifted in this position. It is also a good idea to actually unplug the power cord for the garage door opener to ensure that it will not function.


You will need to use pliers in order to get the old door rollers off the track. The best method of door roller remover is to bend the track slightly using the pliers. You should look to bend the track near the top so that you do not have to move the door roller far before it can be removed. Once you have the door roller lined up in the spot where you have bent the track, you can then pry the roller out using a screwdriver with a flathead. It will require some force in order to pry the garage door roller free. You can use the same removal process for all of the rollers on the door.


Once the old rollers have been removed, you can replace them by just inserting the new roller in the same place and bending the track back to its normal position. The new roller should pop into place a lot easier than the process of trying to pry it out. Make sure that you only bend the track back to the position that it was in and do not make it too tight.


After all door rollers have been replaced, you can then remove the clamp from the door and plug back in the cord for the door opener. You can test out the door and make sure that the new door rollers are working properly to move the garage door up and down.


26 January 2016

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