How to Transform a Patio Into a Zen Sanctuary

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In the 21st century, who couldn't do with a little more Zen in their lives? If you have your own back garden, you are extremely fortunate, because you can really make it a place of tranquillity that acts as a shelter away from the stresses of contemporary life. Before you get the deck builders in, it could be well worth thinking about how you can transform your patio space into a place of total Zen. But in order to create that Zen effect, there are some certain things you should be aware of and some things that you might want to integrate into the design.

Greenery is key – in moderation. Greenery is very important in Zen. It is something that represents life, and of course, you would probably want to be surrounded by some form of greenery when you are on your patio anyway. But your choices of greenery will be very important for the success of your deck. Something wild and untamed with lots of colours like an English flower garden isn't very in keeping with the minimalism of Zen design. Instead, you should opt for evergreen shrubbery that can be easily maintained so it keeps a contained shape. If you want to add some kind of flowers, simple but statement-making white flowers like orchids would be a good choice.

Intricate lattice work. A lattice wall is a great way of separating your patio from the rest of your garden, but with lattice work, light is also let in and you can see through to the rest of your garden as well. An intricate Zen design for a patio lattice is a wonderful idea—look out for interesting geometric designs such as rectangles of different shapes pieced together in a lattice. You will be able to find select models of this kind of Japanese style lattice in certain home and garden stores, but if you want something exactly to your taste, it can be a great idea to have something commissioned. A patio lattice is almost always going to be a statement feature, so it's worth putting your investment here.

A dark wood deck. In Zen design, dark woods are extremely popular. When you are actually choosing a material for your deck, keep this at the front of your mind. Something like charred cypress would be a fantastic choice. The name of the wood isn't just a metaphor to describe its dark colour—the wood is actually burned. And while you might think that charred wood would be weaker, the opposite is true—it makes a fantastic building material, so it's ideal for a deck. The effect is really stunning, but if you want to save your money on decking to spend it on more decorative touches, you can of course choose whichever type of wood you please and coat it with a dark stain. For a Zen deck, wood really is the best choice, but be aware that wood can bend and buckle when faced with heat and moisture so it needs to be coated with something protective. If you do opt for a dark wood, it's also wise to have some kind of patio cover because your deck will heat up like a frying pan when the sun shines on it.

Incorporate a water feature. Because it's important to bring together all the facets of nature in Zen design, a water feature is very important. This doesn't have to be anything elaborate. In fact, a small, still pond can be very calming for the mind. And if you want to up your authentic Japanese credentials, why not head to a pet store and purchase some beautiful koi fish? They will certainly be a talking point when you invite your neighbours to your patio for an evening drink.

Follow these tips and your patio deck will offer you nothing but peace and sanctuary. Speak with deck builders for more tips and ideas as well.


29 March 2016

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