Building a home on an unusual block shape

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If you are building a new home but have an unusually shaped block, you may need to integrate some different features to make your house feel comfortable yet unique. Here are some architect inspired features to add wow to your home and make the most of your building space.

Slit windows

If your house is near to other homes and there are privacy issues with your neighbours, then you should consider some architect inspired windows such as slit windows. These windows are very thin and often have frosted glass. They don't have much visibility of the outside world, but rather add extra diffuse natural light and help the house to feel more connected to the environment. These windows also act as an interesting feature within the wall and can help frame sections of the wall and break up expanses of wall. This is a good solution for blocks that are very close to their neighbours. 

Natural step-downs within the home

If your home is on a slope, one of the easiest things for project builders to do is to create a flat block with retaining walls. Architect designed houses instead incorporate the slope into the house with natural step downs. This can include a bath that is naturally built into the pool where the homeowner steps down into a plunge bath or a sunken lounge and living area. Not only does this work with the natural slope of the block but it can also be an affordable and interesting way to have a unique home design.

Underground living areas

In the inner city, it's getting harder and harder to find a big building block for an affordable price. If you've found the block of your dreams in a perfect location, but it's not as big as you'd like, it can make sense to build some of your living area underground. It can be useful if you do this to adopt some architect inspired features such as a ground level 'sky light'  to let in some natural light to prevent the area from feeling dark and bunkerlike. 

If you are looking for a unique home and have an unusual block, it can make sense to use an architect to design a perfect house to maximise the space. They can often come up with interesting solutions to the challenge of your block and come up with a home that meets all your needs.


31 May 2016

Home Truths: Decorating Through The Years

I am the proud mother of nine grown up children! There wasn't much money around when they were little, so I was always sewing, knitting, growing vegetables and generally being self-sufficient. Now that they have their own households, you would think that I could rest a little, but I am busier than ever. I am blessed that my children and their partners are talented and have good jobs. However, they are very busy, so most of their home decorating is left up to me. From making curtains to painting bathrooms, I always have at least one project on the go. To tell the truth, I really enjoy it and it makes me feel that all my skills gained over the years are useful. I thought that people might like to read this blog which shares a lot of tips and ideas. I really hope you enjoy scanning through these pages.