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The space underneath the staircase epitomizes a haven of paraphernalia over smartness and order. Homeowners are acquainted with the sight- abandoned muddy shoes, school bags and all sort of clutter. It ought not to be that way. You can restore order and sanity into this space through the following creative ideas:

Bespoke cabinets 

As far as the space under the staircase is concerned, this is the right time to actually invest in bespoke cabinetry. Inside the cabinet, you can install a rail where you can hang several of your coats on hangers. This is a better option than when your coats are hanged onto hooks. Equally, several pairs of shoes can find a home in there.


Another option is to mount shelves all around the area. You can store your vacuum cleaner, tool box and ironing board and slot in a door. That way, your cleaning supplies will be stored out of sight.


Then again, you can choose to have a series of differently sized drawers designed to fit underneath the stairs. The smaller drawers should be fitted at the top and used for hair bobbles and gloves. Each family member should be given their own drawer for their personal post and clutter.


Another popular solution is to use this space as a workspace. You can have a chair and desk or create a built-in study seat. Equally, you can use the shelves for book storage. This works extremely well if your staircase is in the main living area, instead of the hall. You can use the workspace to read newspapers, emails and work assignments on your computer.

Bike racks

You can also contact a contractor to set up sturdy hooks where you can hang your bikes. This will help free up valuable floor space and stop your bikes from falling over each time somebody walks past. Bikes aren't the only item that can be stored in the space below the stairs. Some people love skiing and have several skis. Generally, skis are long are can't fit underneath the bed. Therefore, you can convert the space underneath the staircase to store your ski equipment following many years of simply storing them in the corner of your bedroom.

Wine and champagne storage

Last but not least, you can buy bespoke storage for wines and drinks, which is meant to fit areas such as those beneath the stairs. The racks can accommodate all manner of wine bottles and champagne.


30 June 2016

Home Truths: Decorating Through The Years

I am the proud mother of nine grown up children! There wasn't much money around when they were little, so I was always sewing, knitting, growing vegetables and generally being self-sufficient. Now that they have their own households, you would think that I could rest a little, but I am busier than ever. I am blessed that my children and their partners are talented and have good jobs. However, they are very busy, so most of their home decorating is left up to me. From making curtains to painting bathrooms, I always have at least one project on the go. To tell the truth, I really enjoy it and it makes me feel that all my skills gained over the years are useful. I thought that people might like to read this blog which shares a lot of tips and ideas. I really hope you enjoy scanning through these pages.