Important Questions to Ask When Considering an Opening Roof

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An opening roof is like an awning for your patio or deck area, the slats of which you can turn to open. This is a great choice for controlling the sunlight and air you get in that area; you can open the slats just slightly for a bit of sun on a warm summer day, or open them all the way at night when it's cooler. An opening roof also allows you to enjoy your outdoor space even in the rain, as you can close the slats for a full roof enclosure. If you're thinking of getting an opening roof, note a few questions to ask to ensure you know what's involved in the installation and ensure you get the right type for your home.

Ask the load ratings

The load ratings refers to the weight the roof can manage without cracking, bending, and the like. In areas with lots of snowfall, you may need a stronger load rating than is standard, as that snow and heavy ice with it may be heavier than a standard slat can manage. If you don't get a stronger load rating, you may need to brush off the opening roof regularly during the winter or risk having it actually cave in. Be sure you understand the load ratings and how much snow and ice it can manage if this might be a factor in your area.

Note the rotation

If you want maximum control over the sunlight and air circulation let in by your opening roof, ask about the rotation of the slats. A ninety-degree rotation means they'll simply move from one flat position to standing straight up and down; this is actually very limited, as you may want to turn the slats even further than that when you rotate them. Look for a full 180-degree rotation or something close to this range; this will allow you to rotate the slats to any angle so you can block sunlight or air as is most comfortable.

Ask if you can build your own frame

Many openings roofs will come with a prebuilt frame, but you might want something very personalized in order to match the materials on your deck or carport. You might also already have a frame you were using with an awning or shade sails, and are upgrading to an opening roof. In many cases a company can accommodate but they may need to cut the slats a certain size to fit, so ask about this when ordering rather than assuming you'll need to tear down your current frame. Check out a company like Patioworld NSW Pty Ltd.


2 September 2016

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