How Can a Porch Light Be Used as a Home Security Feature?

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As a homeowner, you likely do everything you can to keep your property safe and secure. Read on and discover some of the measures that you can implement to take full advantage of your porch light as a home security feature.

Install Photo Sensors

Some people who go on vacation are unpleasantly surprised when they come back to find their home broken into. Such people may have left their porch light on before setting off. Burglars could then have observed the home and realised that the porch light stays on during the day and at night. This observation may have led those burglars to conclude (correctly) that no one was at home.

How can you make your home less vulnerable to such a telltale sign of your absence? Install photo sensors that automatically turn off the porch light when the sun comes up. Those same sensors can also turn on the porch light at night. In this way, burglars observing your home may think that someone is around because they will see that the porch light is on at night and off during the day.

Install Motion Sensors

Motion sensors are also a useful way to integrate your porch light into the security system of your home. The motion sensors will turn on the lights when someone crosses the infrared beams that are connected to the sensors of the system. The sudden turning on of the light can scare a burglar and make him or her to run away. The light can also alert your dog to the presence of a stranger lurking outside your home. The resultant barking of the dog can then alert you to the potential threat outside your home. This may give you ample time to call first responders for help.

Leave the Light Off

The porch light can also be useful when you turn it off even if it is not connected to motion sensors. This is because the absence of the light at night can deny any intruders the illumination that they need to break into your house stealthily. Such intruders may fear to use a flashlight because it can alert the occupants of the home to the presence of the intruders. Those burglars may then bump against something, such as a flowerpot, and you will sense their presence in time to call for help.

The measures above may not be sufficient to keep you safe from all intruders. You should therefore talk to a home security expert for help regarding how you can beef up the security of your home so that the possibility of a successful break-in is greatly reduced.


22 September 2016

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