4 Mistakes To Avoid Doing During A Residential Removal

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If you're planning a move,then it's important that you do everything you can to make it go smoothly. There are some common mistakes that homeowners make that put the entire move at risk. Below, find out what these mistakes are and why you should avoid them.

1.    Not being ready when the removalists arrive

It's common to be late every once in a while. However, when it comes to your residential removal, you have to make sure you're ready when that removalist truck arrives. After all, you have lots of time to plan ahead. If you're not ready, you might delay the removal and kick things off on a bad note with the removalist. Start packing a week early and make sure you have most of your items packed the previous night. But if your removalist is doing the packing, then all you have to do is be up and ready.

2.    Leaving while the removal is underway

One your removalist arrives and starts their job, don't leave in the middle of the process unless you have an emergency on your hands. Hang around and oversee the process. The removalist will likely need your input on how to move or package various items. Besides, it's good to keep an eye on the process just to ensure everything goes well.

3.    Being bossy

Another common mistake is trying to dictate every aspect of the move. Some clients tend to direct how items should be packed, how they should be carried, how they should be packed in the truck, trying to rush the process, etc. The removal teams are very experienced. Residential removals are all they do on a daily basis so they know a thing or two about moving. They may not do things exactly how you would, but they have a system in place which works. All you can do is to provide your related input when consulted from time to time.

4.    Lending a hand to the removal process

For some people, the temptation to jump into the process and help with the move is too great. However, it's best not to unless that's the agreement with the removalist. Instead, simply oversee the process. Doing so allows you to maintain a safe distance from which you can do that effectively. It also exempts you from any liability that could arise should anything turn missing or broken.

By not doing the above, you will greatly increase chances of your removal being successful in the end.


17 October 2016

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