Three Principles Behind Successful Commercial Pest Control

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Pest control is a service that many people go to when it's probably already happening. For businesses and commercial properties, this is a risky situation that could have already affected your business in various ways. Forget restaurants and hotels that will immediately suffer from the effects of pest infestations, even offices, shops, and other forms of commercial properties will eventually see a decline in customer preferences due to some form of pest. For commercial pest control, the process has to be done in a different way to ensure success. A failed pest control mission is not good. This is why when choosing commercial pest control service providers, choose those who implement the following in their procedures:


Assessment is as critical as the actual pest control activity itself. A reputable company will not just drive in and begin pest control the minute you called and then drive away! Assessment involves in-depth investigation of the type of pests infesting your commercial property, their modes of entry and even their source of sustenance. These are crucial when it comes to completely eradicating commercial pests, such as ants, cockroaches, various weevils and even rodents.

Assessment should also involve the occupants of the commercial property. The pest control experts should assess what type of business you are operating, the main materials found in your space and what about your business favors pests. In the course of this, the pest control experts can come up with the proper chemicals to use on the pests infesting your space, while ensuring the chemicals don't interfere with your workers or any property.


In earlier days, commercial pest control used to simply involve a company coming to your commercial space, sealing the property and spraying catatonic chemicals everywhere guaranteed to eliminate the said pests. Today, however, the really good guys practice something called exclusion. Exclusion involves eradicating the pests entry points. Improperly sealed vents, cracks on walls and foundations or even poorly secured garbage shoots are all entry points for pests in commercial property. The pest control service providers do a thorough job of identifying pest entry points into your commercial space and sealing them properly. Exclusion ensures that pests would not be able to re-enter your facility after extermination; which is really what pest control means.


Pest control should not just be done once the chemicals are sprayed. In fact, the true experts offer an extra service of monitoring your facility. After extermination, the company should routinely send someone to check the facility and see if any pests managed to find their way back into your commercial facility. Monitoring also involves training some employees using the facility the various preventive measures for dealing with pests. In the end, a good pest control company can ensure that your pest problems will never crawl back into your commercial space.


23 March 2017

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