Four Tips for Getting the Most Energy Savings Out of Motorised Blinds

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Motorised window treatments allow you to open and close your shades and curtains at the touch of a button. These window treatments can offer convenience, but they can also help you lower your energy bills. Utilise these four tips to get the most energy savings from these types of window treatments.

1. Set Automatic Timers

When you have motorised shades, you can close all the shade in your home, using the remote, without leaving your favourite chair. However, instead of just closing the shades with the remote, you should use the automatic timer. Set the timer so that the shades close at dusk every day whether you remember or not. This is especially important in the winter as it allows your home to soak up all the sun it can during the day. Then, at night when the shades are closed, it locks in the heat, and that can help reduce your heating bills.

2. Change With the Seasons

The amount of sunlight during the day changes with the seasons. As a result, to maximise your energy savings, you shouldn't use the same time settings all year long. Instead, modify your settings as daylight changes. To make it easier, set seasonal reminders on your calendar so you can update your settings. You may also want to set additional reminders when daylight savings time starts and ends. You can typically find the sunset times for your local area on a variety of sites online.

3. Use an App for Remote Updates

Companies like Somfy will often offer an app so you can control your window treatments with your phone remotely. Consider installing such an app on your phone or checking out if the motorised blind company you select offers one. Then, if the temps drop and you want to close your blinds, you can do so from anywhere using your phone. Of course, you can also use the app to open your blinds if the sun pops out unexpectedly in the winter.

4. Consider a Low Power Motor

Typically when you buy shades from a dealer, you get to choose between a range of different motors. To expand your energy savings, consider opting for the lowest power motor that can work with your window treatments. Don't buy a motor that's not powerful enough to move your shades — although it may seem like you'll save energy. Ultimately a weak motor may malfunction, leading to costly repairs and potentially wasted energy.

Finally, remember to choose the most energy efficient fabrics available, and consider curtains that cover the whole window frame as well as the window. To get more energy saving tips, contact a motorised blind seller directly.


27 March 2017

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