How Should You Dispose Of Garden Waste?


Unlike most household rubbish, often garden waste can't simply be thrown in the bin alongside everything else. So what should you do with it all? Read on to identify the most common types of garden waste and learn a little more about what you should do with them.

Grass clippings, weeds and other lightweight green waste

The majority of garden waste is 'lightweight' green material: clippings from when you've mowed the lawn, weeds you've pulled up out of your flowerbed and trimmings from plants you've cut back. This stuff can all simply be bagged up in a heavy-duty green garden waste bag and left out for collection by the rubbish truck. Check the website for your local area before you put the bags out, though; in some places they'll be picked up alongside your other household waste, while in others you'll need to arrange for a special green waste collection.

Hardcore, rubble and similar

If you've had building work done or you're demolishing a structure such as a shed, you may find that you have a lot of heavy leftovers to dispose of. You may also come across such waste when digging up a patio or terrace, which can be quite a task! Thankfully, it's not difficult to hire a skip bin or other industrial waste bin to deal with it all, and the company who makes the hire will dispose of all your rubble for you. If you're planning some more building work, however, don't get rid of all your hardcore--it's used to construct concrete terraces and patios, so hang onto it if you might need some later!

Trees, wood and heavy duty green waste

Most good tree removal companies will be able to take the tree and all associated waste away with them when they leave. If you're removing the tree yourself rather than hiring a tree surgeon, you'll be able to hire a green waste bin to dispose of it, but check with the company in advance to ensure that green waste is okay with them.

Unwanted earth and excess soil

Sometimes, garden landscaping projects leave you with a lot of excess earth you need gone. Skip hire is the answer to this question: you'll need to make sure the skip company are okay with soil, but many are and it won't be a difficult job once you've hired the receptacle you need. Be sure to check weight limits, too, as earth and soil can be extremely heavy and overloading a skip can cause problems when it's time for it to be collected.


29 March 2017

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