What to Look For When Buying New Shade Sails for Your Property

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When buying new shade sails for your home, you need to take your time to shop around and compare all the various models and brands, and all the features they offer. Shade sails do more than just provide a bit of covering from the sun; they also give you protection from a light rain, and need to be durable enough to withstand snowfall, sand and dirt that may settle on the sail, and high winds. Note a few tips to look for when buying new shade sails for your property.

Permanent versus semi-permanent

A permanent shade sail is just that; it has a strong set of posts that are installed deep into the ground, and the sails are screwed or bolted into those posts. These are good for areas where you know you'll always want a cover overhead, such as a patio or deck space.

However, you might occasionally want to roll back a shade sail over the pool or your garden, for more sun exposure. You might also want to enjoy your patio or deck space in the evening and will want to roll back the sail once the sun starts to set. A semi-permanent sail is the better option in these cases, but note that this will mean that you need to manage rolling the sail on your own. Keep this in mind when choosing the size; it might be better to opt for two or three smaller shade sails that you can layer over and around each other, as these will be easier to manage when you want to open up the space.


How much sun protection do you want from your shade sail? The opacity of the sail is what filters out sunlight, not the colour; a dark sail can have a loose weave that lets in sunlight, whereas a white sail can have a dense weave that offers lots of sun protection. If you want full shade from your sail, opt for a very low opacity number and don't shop by colour alone.

Water resistance

You also need to check the water resistance of any shade sail, if you're looking for protection from rain and winds. This is also determined by the weave of the fabric and if it will let rain through, as well as the fabric itself; some lightweight canvas materials may absorb water and allow it to drip through the other side, as an example. A material with a nylon mixture in the fibres may be more waterproof and give you that added protection from the rain.


5 April 2017

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