Five Benefits of Shower Screens Over Shower Curtains

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If you're trying to decide between a shower curtain and a shower screen, you should choose a curtain if budget is your main deciding factor — in every case, shower curtains are less expensive than shower screens. However, aside from that one element, shower screens are preferable in almost every way. Here's five advantages of shower screens over shower curtains.

1. Contains Water Better

Shower screens fit into tracks that are firmly secured to the sides of your bathtub, shower or walls. Even trackless shower screens close flush with the surrounding surfaces. With shower curtains, in contrast, there is often gap on the sides of the curtain, and the curtain may move around whilst you shower, letting water escape. If you want to keep the water in the shower, shower screens are the clear choice.

2. Looks Classier

Simply because they are more expensive, shower screens lend your bathroom a classier, more luxurious look. You can choose from a variety of designs depending on the final look you want to create, but whether you go with a super simple design or something elaborate, the final effect is more permanent and sophisticated than a curtain.

3. Doesn't Touch Your Body

When you're showering, you usually don't want to be touched by anything strange. Shower screens obviously stay still and out of your way whilst you're showering. Curtains can blow into your shower and stick to your body. That doesn't feel clean or comfortable in most cases.

4. Shower Screens Are Customisable

If you have an odd shaped shower such as a corner shower or a round shower, it can be hard to find a shower curtain that fits. However, with a shower screen, you can always customise the design you want. Manufacturers can do almost anything in terms of shape, materials and other features.

5. Shower Screens Can Be Less Wasteful

Typically, with shower curtains, you have to replace them on a semi-regular basis as they become old, mouldy or out of style. In most cases, old shower curtains go to the landfill where the plastic materials can take hundreds of years to break down or more depending on the composition of the shower curtain. Shower screens are much more durable. You can look forward to owning the same shower screen for years, and if it's made of materials such as glass or metal, you may even be able to recycle parts of it at the end of its life.


11 April 2017

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