Security Screens: Why They Make a Worthwhile Investment

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During the summer some homeowners may want to keep their windows and doors wide open to get some relief from the gruelling heat. However, not many are able to do this as it could mean compromising their privacy as well as their safety. To counter this, you should consider investing in security screens. These accessories are fit directly into your window and door frames, providing you with the flexibility to keep your windows and doors open while still offering your home some protection. Other than these screens making your windows and doors more secure, here are some of the reasons why they make a worthwhile investment.

Security screens enhance ventilation in your home

One of the primary benefits of having security screens is that they increase the airflow in your home. During the hotter months, the interior of your home may feel hot and stuffy, especially if there is not an adequate breeze blowing through. To contend with this, some people may choose to keep their air conditioning on all day, but this directly translates to a spike in your electricity bills. An economical alternative would be the installation of security screen doors and windows, as their mesh materials will facilitate airflow in your home, just as it would be if you left your doors and windows wide open.

Security screens provide you with pest control for your property

Other than the heat, another issue you have to deal with during the summer is the presence of insects and a host of other pests. With an increase in these critters, chances are they will try to make their way into your home for food or shelter. As such, some people will opt to keep their windows and doors closed to ensure that flies and more do not overrun their home. With security screens, you do not have to worry about these pests, as the mesh will keep the unwanted insects out while still enabling you to enjoy the additional ventilation provided by keeping your windows open.

Security screens provide you with UV protection

Natural light streaming into your home is great. Nonetheless, direct exposure to the sunlight also poses the risk of UV exposure. These ultraviolet rays are harmful to your skin and can also cause long-term damage to your upholstery, carpeting and hardwood flooring. As such, some security screens are UV-resistant. These function to limit UV exposure in your home, which enables you to make the most of the sunshine.


14 April 2017

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