3 Ways to Toddler-Proof Your Cabinets

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Having a toddler around the house can be challenging, and it often means you'll need to make a few changes to the way your furniture is arranged. Most people have cabinets in various locations around the home, and these are a great place to start toddler-proofing. You'll want to take steps to protect both your toddler and your belongings, although safety should always come first.

Attach cabinets securely to the wall

Freestanding cabinets pose a serious safety risk for toddlers, particularly as they get older and start to show an interest in grabbing onto or climbing items of furniture. A cabinet which isn't securely attached to the wall could fall onto your toddler, causing serious injury or death. There are a variety of products which can be used to attach your cabinets to the wall. Ideally, you'll use the attachments supplied with the cabinet wherever possible. If that's not possible, purchase furniture anchors or restraints, install them in the back of your cabinet, and attach the cabinets and anchors to the wall stud. If you're not confident in DIY, hire a childproofing expert to help. With restraints securely in place, there's no risk of your cabinet falling and injuring your toddler. Even if it does tip over, the restraints will simply hold it in place.

Keep delicate items out of reach

Toddlers can be very curious and love to find new items to play with. If you've got a treasured collection of thimbles, china plates, or other delicate items, now's the time to move them well out of your toddler's reach. Keeping items on high shelves can be a good solution, although particularly determined toddlers may still manage to grab onto them by climbing other items of furniture. For maximum security, keep items completely out of sight. This is particularly important with items which could be mistaken for toys, like a collection of rare teddy bears or china dolls.

Use locks on cabinet doors

For low down cabinets which you can't empty, locks are an essential purchase. You'll keep your toddler safe from dangerous chemicals, like household cleaning products, sharp kitchen utensils like knives and blenders, and heavy items which they could drop. Simple plastic strap locks can be used to tie cabinet handles together, making them impossible for your toddler to open, but still allowing easy access for you whenever you need it. For single cupboards, magnetic safety locks are a great choice. An internal lock keeps the cabinet tightly shut when not in use, and a simple magnetic key can be used to access the cabinet.

For more options and help for altering your cabinets to be toddler-proof, contact cabinet makers and installation professionals in your area.


19 April 2017

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