Choosing the Best Material for Custom Kitchen Cabinets

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When having custom kitchen cabinets made, you want to think about more than just the design and style. The wood itself will be important, as you should choose a durable wood and one that has the basic colour and tone that you want for your cabinets; this will mean less work in having to paint or stain those cabinets. Some wood will also have very distinctive features that will add to the unique look of cabinets. Note a few tips for choosing the best material for your home's custom kitchen cabinets.


Oak is probably one of the most popular woods to use for cabinets, but note that there are different varieties of oak from which to choose. Red oak is very inexpensive, making it good for large kitchens or for those on a limited budget, but it has a very pronounced grain pattern that might show through light paint colours or stains. White oak has more of a golden tone than red oak; it also has a less pronounced grain, so it may be easier to stain white oak or cover over its natural colour with just one coat of paint.

Maple and hickory

Maple cabinets are less dense and durable than oak, but they have a buttery brown shade that may not need painting or staining; a light shellac can be all that's needed to bring out their natural tone. The lighter tone is also good when you want to combine a contemporary style with more modern features in the kitchen, as the maple is much less overwhelming than darker woods. Hickory is very similar to maple in its overall colour tone and may also only need a light shellac or varnish.

Birch and ash

Birch and ash both have a lighter colour with a reddish tone that can mimic a more expensive cherry wood. Both also have a very irregular grain pattern and irregular colouring that can give your kitchen a unique look when the wood is just varnished and not painted over. Both woods are also very durable in strength so they're good for larger cabinets that may need to hold more weight.


Pine is known for having many large, visible knots. If you leave the pine unpainted and just apply a varnish or shellac, this can offer a very rustic, country look to your cabinets. However, pine is much less dense than other woods so it may not be the right choice for homes with kids and pets who may bump into the lower cabinets and potentially cause damage.


27 April 2017

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