4 Reasons to Use Steam Cleaning Instead of Shampooing for Your Carpets

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If you want to give your carpets a deeper clean than could be achieved by basic vacuuming, you're probably going to end up choosing between either shampooing or steaming cleaning. Both use relatively similar methods to clean your carpeting, but steam cleaning is becoming a lot more popular, and there are plenty of good reasons why.

Here are just four.

1. Effectiveness

Both shampooing and steam cleaning work by loosening the bond between dirt and carpet fibres, which isn't something that can be accomplished via regular vacuuming. However, steam cleaning is a lot more effective since it also removes mildew spores and mould. Additionally, shampoo tends to leave a sticky residue, and that can attract further dirt if you aren't careful. The point of deep cleaning is to return your carpet to like-new condition, and steam cleaning is going to accomplish that goal more easily.

2. Zero Pollutants

People have become accustomed to the idea that a more intensive cleaning necessitates the use of harsher products. However, that just isn't the case with steam cleaning. All that is used is hot water vapor – no harsh chemicals are required. With carpet shampooing, that isn't the case. These products will often contain quite harsh chemicals. They shouldn't do any harm, but you'll probably notice their odour for some time and have to keep out of the room in question for a while. Additionally, you won't be doing the environment any good by contributing to the use of such products.

3. Reduced Hassle

Okay, there might be a bit of hassle, but it will be nothing compared to that involved with shampooing. Steam cleaning can be conducted quite quickly, and it's much easier to move the equipment around a room. If you're doing the job yourself, you're really going to appreciate the added ease of use. If you hire a technician, you'll usually find that the reduced time needed for cleaning means a lower fee. In any case, you'll get the job done faster and get the room back in use swiftly.

4. No Damage

Blasting your carpet with hot water vapour might seem like it would cause damage, or at least a little bit of shrinkage. However, this is not the case – steam cleaning is perfectly safe for your carpets. Shampooing, in contrast, can cause damage. Many shampoos use brightening agents that can create something of a yellowing effect. Furthermore, the aggressive scrubbing motion required to loosen dirt can damage the fibres of some types of carpeting.

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10 May 2017

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