Typical Issues That Will Crop Up When Your Overlocker Sewing Machine Requires Servicing

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Sewing remains a popular hobby because not only does it keep you busy when you have some free time on your hands, but it is functional enough to create pieces that will complement your house and your loved ones. But once you acquire an overlocker sewing machine, you should note that owning one is not merely about learning different sewing patterns and coming up with a multitude of different pieces. It is also crucial for you to learn how best to take care of this machine if it is to have a long lifespan and not be vulnerable to incessant repairs. Considering that some newbies have not learnt how best to provide their sewing machine with the right upkeep, you likely will encounter some problems down the road that should require professional assistance. Here are typical issues that will crop up when your overlocker sewing machine requires servicing.

Needles are getting misshapen regularly

One of the basic maintenance tips that you should know about owning a sewing machine is that you should replace the needle on occasion, depending on how often you sew. Failure to replace the needles will impair your future projects since you will be utilising a blunt point. If you find that the needles you use are getting crooked with each sewing session or are steadily becoming misshapen once you use them, the machine's timing mechanism may be in jeopardy. You should not try and fix the issue on your own because you could end up aggravating the problem. Instead, you should have a technician come in and service the sewing machine.

Weird sounds when using the sewing machine

Sewing machines are not excessively noisy. A humming noise is nothing to worry about, but the moment you begin to hear loud noises when sewing, you should schedule service for your machine. The most common reason why your sewing machine will start to emit these sounds is insufficient lubrication of the components inside it. When the lubrication has run out, the parts begin to rub against each other, which leads to friction between the components. You should also bear in mind that not all sewing machines are designed to be oiled by an amateur. Therefore, when you begin to hear strange sounds, it is imperative to stop using your machine until a technician can service the sewing machine and oil it as needed.

While the above-mentioned issues are common, you should note that they are not an exhaustive list of the problems that may plague your sewing machine. As a result, if you notice any changes to its operations, you should have the machine professionally serviced.


9 March 2020

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