Why Is Installing a Carport a Good Idea?

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A carport provides a convenient storage area for your car at the fraction of the cost of building a garage. Many people prefer them to garages anyway simply because they are easier to access. The walls of a garage are often very close to the sides of a modern car, whereas carports can provide virtually unrestricted access from all sides. That said, having one installed will be of much wider benefit to you than simply creating a space to park under. What are the other main advantages?

Keeping Cool

In the strong Australian sun, all cars heat up. This makes them uncomfortable when you first get in, of course. So, if you don't want to leave your car's engine turning over for five minutes or so — so you can get the air conditioning working before you head out from the day — then you'll need to park under a shaded area. Carports provide just the right level of shade to keep your car cool so you can get in and speed off straight away. Of course, keeping your car out of the sun also means that the paintwork and interior won't be as liable to fading as it otherwise would.

A Multi-Function Area

When you have a carport fitted, you don't just get a place to park your car. Carports are very effective at keeping people out of the sun, rather like shade sails. As such, if you are planning a get-together with friends and family and want people to hang around outside but still be out of the sun, then a carport is the very thing! You can even use them for a play area for kids or as an outdoor games room. Many people play table tennis under their carport because the dimensions are just about right.

Install Anywhere

Although most carports are fitted over driveways or at the side of an existing structure, they can be free-standing. This means that they can go anywhere on your property. What's more, you can install them over any surface, from a section of tarmac to a gravel drive. You can even have one built over your lawn with no problems whatsoever. This means you have a lot of flexibility about where you decide to have your parking area.

Protect Your Vehicle

The main thing Australians want from a carport is protection from the sun. However, they also provide a shield against other elements, such as rain, hail and snow, as well. With some of the freakish weather Australia has seen in recent years, this crucial aspect of carports should not be underestimated.


25 June 2020

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