Questions to Ask Before Buying Security Screens

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Most homeowners in different parts of Australia choose to install security screens on their doors and windows to secure their homes. These components are sturdy enough to withstand attempts at forced entry.

Security screens also ensure that a home is well ventilated, prevent insects or bugs from entering, ensure individuals can get a clear view of what's happening outdoors and increase the home's value. If you plan to buy security screens, you should gather some knowledge to make informed decisions. The following questions should help you in your decision-making process.

Do security screens offer value for money?

Before you invest in security screens, you want to be sure that your investment is worth it. It makes sense to want to choose an affordable solution, particularly those offered online, but you should be cautious. This is because you won't enjoy the full benefits if the security screens aren't made and installed properly.

So, immediately jump on deals that offer slight discounts to save money. Consider researching to identify the best screen supplier in your area to get the best products. Suitable screens must be sturdy, durable and aesthetically appealing to add value to your home.

Do the security screens conform to security standards?

Another aspect you need to consider before buying screens for your doors and windows is their quality. Ideally, the products should adhere to the set Australian standards, so familiarise yourself with the minimum requirements needed to avoid buying screens that can't be classified as 'security.'

For instance, the screens must meet a series of tests like impact, knife shear, pull, salt spray and cyclone tests. This way, you will be assured of meeting your security objectives after installation.

Who will handle the installation and maintenance?

It's always advisable to buy security screens from a company that does the installation work. Of course, you may be able to install the screen by yourself, but the probability of doing a poor job is high. This often occurs because people lack knowledge and don't have the right tools for the task.

Even those that have the tools may not know how to use them appropriately. Experts, on the other hand, have all it takes to do exceptional work. They'll ensure the screens fit snugly on the door and windows and that no one can break in. The experts will also service the doors and windows occasionally.

With proper installation and maintenance, your products and service warranty will remain valid. This will ease your fears and let you enjoy the investment since the company has got your back if mishaps occur.


23 December 2020

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