Design Ideas for Your Kitchen Renovation

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You may wonder where to start when renovating a kitchen with so many materials and colour options for the various elements. Here are several design ideas to help you plan your ideal space.

Faux Wood Laminate Cupboards

One idea to consider is faux wood laminate cupboard doors. Laminate has a decorative paper layer that consists of a photo of timber, giving the cabinets an authentic look. Your kitchen will be warmed with the timber finish, but the doors will be easier to care for than solid wood. You could opt for laminate cabinetry in muted pink tones or deep mahogany brown shades. To show off the finish, install flat, smooth doors without contouring. The even surface will highlight the finish. Conversely, detailed contouring can draw attention to the door's shape and dimension instead.

Engineered Stone Counter

While marble and granite are beautiful, they can force you to fuss over a kitchen countertop. For example, if you spill something, especially if it's acidic tomato juice or wine, you'll have to hurriedly wipe the spilt liquid to prevent it from etching the surface. Worrying about the countertop is not ideal, especially if you have children. However, you can enjoy the beauty of stone with less hassle by installing an engineered stone benchtop. These counters consist of crushed quartz mixed with resins, making the surface less permeable and more resilient. The crushed stone gives the benchtop natural tones such as pink, tan, cream and grey. Engineered stone counters are also more consistent than solid stone slabs, as manufacturers have control over their choice of what crushed stone colours to combine.

Dramatic Colour Blocks

All white and pale-toned kitchens can sometimes appear insipid. One way to add drama to the room during kitchen renovations is to include a dashing dark colour in a specific section. For example, you could install a black splashback or a charcoal accent wall in the kitchen. You could balance the dark tones with cream cabinetry and a pale timber floor. The timber tones will add warmth, while the black brings dramatic flair.

Alternatively, add pops of drama. For example, install several black glass-panelled upper cabinetry doors among a sea of white cupboards. The glass will prevent the cabinets from being too heavy. You could balance the room with black accents on stools or install a black granite countertop. You can also inject moodiness into the kitchen with other hues such as navy, maroon or dark green.

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12 January 2022

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