Two decorating tips to follow when preparing your garden for a dinner party

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If you'll be hosting an al-fresco dinner party in your garden, here are some decorating tips to follow.

Opt for floral garlands instead of flowers in vases for your table

No dinner party table would be complete with some pretty flowers. However, rather than putting floral arrangements in vases on the table, you should consider having some floral garlands made and laying these along the centre of the table.

The reason for this is that in an outdoor setting, where a breeze may occur now and then, the wind could knock over vases on the table, which could lead to water spilling over the tablecloth or onto a guest's dinner plate, or the vase shattering. A garland, however, which features no water or vase, won't cause these issues and at worst, will simply shift out of place and be a bit off-centre if the wind moves it.

On a related note, if you decide to have garlands of flowers made for the table, you should consider hiding some small paperweights inside them, to keep the garlands in place on the table even if it does get breezy during the dinner party. Last but not least, if you think you'll host more of these outdoor dinner parties in the future, you might want to have the garlands made with faux or dried flowers so that you can reuse them.

Add flowers to the centre or corners of the backs of the dining chairs

Adding flowers to the centre or corners of the backs of the dining chairs is a great way to introduce some extra colour to your dinner party decorations without using up more tablespace. It could also be a good option if your garden is small and you don't' have many areas around the outdoor table on which to display decorations.

If you'll be putting the flowers on the corners of the chairs' backs, you should use faux flowers, as when they're in this position, your guests will be more likely to brush against them when they lean back or lean to either side of themselves, and if the flowers are real, this could result in their petals breaking or falling off when your guests do this. Faux flowers are sturdier and so will be less likely to break if your guests brush against them. Any flowers you attach to the backs of the chairs can be real or faux, depending on your own preferences, as guests won't have much or any contact with the flowers if they're displayed in this way.

For more information on how to decorate with flowers, contact a florist near you.


5 April 2022

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