How Should You Dispose Of Garden Waste?


Unlike most household rubbish, often garden waste can't simply be thrown in the bin alongside everything else. So what should you do with it all? Read on to identify the most common types of garden waste and learn a little more about what you should do with them. Grass clippings, weeds and other lightweight green waste The majority of garden waste is 'lightweight' green material: clippings from when you've mowed the lawn, weeds you've pulled up out of your flowerbed and trimmings from plants you've cut back.

29 March 2017

Making an Emergency Car Repair Kit for Australia's Remote Highways


Australia has some of the world's most remote stretches of highway. If you are on a long drive and your car has trouble, you certainly don't want to get stranded on one of these roads. That's why you need an emergency roadside kit. When making your kit, stock it with these essentials that boost your battery and give you light to see the repair: 1. Booster cables and battery jumpers

14 October 2015

3 Ways To Enhance The Beauty Of Your Teak Furniture


Teak furniture is both stunning and resilient, making it a great choice for both indoor and outdoor use. Teak is infused with natural oils, which allows these trees to survive in the harsh climate of the rainforest, where it grows. Because teak furniture may be more expensive than other woods such as oak, cedar or even redwood, you'll find that it is money very well spent. To help preserve your investment, here are some ways to help keep your furniture looking beautiful for many years to come:

22 September 2014