Making an Emergency Car Repair Kit for Australia's Remote Highways


Australia has some of the world's most remote stretches of highway. If you are on a long drive and your car has trouble, you certainly don't want to get stranded on one of these roads. That's why you need an emergency roadside kit. When making your kit, stock it with these essentials that boost your battery and give you light to see the repair: 1. Booster cables and battery jumpers

14 October 2015

Harnass the Sun's Power Inexpensively With These Three DIY Projects

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You're tired of high energy bills and eager to tap into the power of the sun, but unfortunately, all of the solar panels and solar water heaters you see are too costly. Luckily, there is a solution. There are many low-cost, or even free, ways that you can harness the sun's energy for your needs. Get ready to tap into your DIY skills and take a look at these three projects:

18 June 2015

Sitting And Cooking: Five Kitchen Designs For Someone In A Wheelchair

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An estimated 22 million people in Australia are in wheelchairs. If you are in a wheelchair or will soon begin using one, there are things you can do to make your kitchen wheelchair-friendly. Whether you are designing a new kitchen or modifying an existing kitchen, here are five things to consider: 1. Wide passages and doorways To ensure you can reach your kitchen easily and move around in it, you want wide passages and doorways.

12 March 2015

5 ways to create an easy to clean home

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Everybody wants a beautiful home – but when you spend most of your weekend cleaning your home in order to maintain its appearance, you might wonder whether having a home filled with beautiful designs and objects is really worth it after all. But actually, the amount of time you spend cleaning within your home is affected significantly by the design decisions that you make when you plan and furnish the space.

17 February 2015

Top Three Care Tips For Your New Fibreglass Pool

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If you are tired of the Australian summer heat and would love to take advantage of cooling off in a swimming pool before the end of summer, you are in luck! One of the big advantages about installing a fibreglass pool is that you can go from excavation to swimming in the space of just two weeks! However, to keep your pool looking in tip top shape for the summers ahead, you need to know how to take care of it.

27 January 2015