Two decorating tips to follow when preparing your garden for a dinner party

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If you'll be hosting an al-fresco dinner party in your garden, here are some decorating tips to follow. Opt for floral garlands instead of flowers in vases for your table No dinner party table would be complete with some pretty flowers. However, rather than putting floral arrangements in vases on the table, you should consider having some floral garlands made and laying these along the centre of the table. The reason for this is that in an outdoor setting, where a breeze may occur now and then, the wind could knock over vases on the table, which could lead to water spilling over the tablecloth or onto a guest's dinner plate, or the vase shattering.

5 April 2022

Design Ideas for Your Kitchen Renovation

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You may wonder where to start when renovating a kitchen with so many materials and colour options for the various elements. Here are several design ideas to help you plan your ideal space. Faux Wood Laminate Cupboards One idea to consider is faux wood laminate cupboard doors. Laminate has a decorative paper layer that consists of a photo of timber, giving the cabinets an authentic look. Your kitchen will be warmed with the timber finish, but the doors will be easier to care for than solid wood.

12 January 2022