3 Ways to Toddler-Proof Your Cabinets

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Having a toddler around the house can be challenging, and it often means you'll need to make a few changes to the way your furniture is arranged. Most people have cabinets in various locations around the home, and these are a great place to start toddler-proofing. You'll want to take steps to protect both your toddler and your belongings, although safety should always come first. Attach cabinets securely to the wall

19 April 2017

Security Screens: Why They Make a Worthwhile Investment

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During the summer some homeowners may want to keep their windows and doors wide open to get some relief from the gruelling heat. However, not many are able to do this as it could mean compromising their privacy as well as their safety. To counter this, you should consider investing in security screens. These accessories are fit directly into your window and door frames, providing you with the flexibility to keep your windows and doors open while still offering your home some protection.

14 April 2017

Five Benefits of Shower Screens Over Shower Curtains

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If you're trying to decide between a shower curtain and a shower screen, you should choose a curtain if budget is your main deciding factor — in every case, shower curtains are less expensive than shower screens. However, aside from that one element, shower screens are preferable in almost every way. Here's five advantages of shower screens over shower curtains. 1. Contains Water Better Shower screens fit into tracks that are firmly secured to the sides of your bathtub, shower or walls.

11 April 2017

What to Look For When Buying New Shade Sails for Your Property

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When buying new shade sails for your home, you need to take your time to shop around and compare all the various models and brands, and all the features they offer. Shade sails do more than just provide a bit of covering from the sun; they also give you protection from a light rain, and need to be durable enough to withstand snowfall, sand and dirt that may settle on the sail, and high winds.

5 April 2017

How Should You Dispose Of Garden Waste?


Unlike most household rubbish, often garden waste can't simply be thrown in the bin alongside everything else. So what should you do with it all? Read on to identify the most common types of garden waste and learn a little more about what you should do with them. Grass clippings, weeds and other lightweight green waste The majority of garden waste is 'lightweight' green material: clippings from when you've mowed the lawn, weeds you've pulled up out of your flowerbed and trimmings from plants you've cut back.

29 March 2017

Four Tips for Getting the Most Energy Savings Out of Motorised Blinds

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Motorised window treatments allow you to open and close your shades and curtains at the touch of a button. These window treatments can offer convenience, but they can also help you lower your energy bills. Utilise these four tips to get the most energy savings from these types of window treatments. 1. Set Automatic Timers When you have motorised shades, you can close all the shade in your home, using the remote, without leaving your favourite chair.

27 March 2017

Three Principles Behind Successful Commercial Pest Control

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Pest control is a service that many people go to when it's probably already happening. For businesses and commercial properties, this is a risky situation that could have already affected your business in various ways. Forget restaurants and hotels that will immediately suffer from the effects of pest infestations, even offices, shops, and other forms of commercial properties will eventually see a decline in customer preferences due to some form of pest.

23 March 2017