Important Questions to Ask When Considering an Opening Roof

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An opening roof is like an awning for your patio or deck area, the slats of which you can turn to open. This is a great choice for controlling the sunlight and air you get in that area; you can open the slats just slightly for a bit of sun on a warm summer day, or open them all the way at night when it's cooler. An opening roof also allows you to enjoy your outdoor space even in the rain, as you can close the slats for a full roof enclosure.

2 September 2016

Window Treatments You Could Consider For the Outdoors

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When homeowners considered window treatments, they are typically viewed as a way to enhance the interior d├ęcor of the home. However, if you have an exterior living space or would like to enhance the curb appeal of your outdoors, then you should consider outdoor window treatment. There are a wide assortment of options that you could contemplate when thinking of installing exterior window treatments. Your choice would depend on your budget as well as the functionality that you would like from the window treatments.

18 August 2016

Hover Lover: The Pros And Cons Of Choosing A Hover Mower

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Keeping your lawn in top shape can be a laborious process to say the least, and using a hover mower to keep your grass trimmed can be a tremendous labour saver. However, while these futuristic devices have a number of advantages over more traditional push and ride-on mowers, they also have some limitations which may make them unsuitable for some lawn owners. If you're considering purchasing a hover mower, keep the following pros and cons in mind before you decide to drop your hard-earned cash.

27 July 2016

Making life underneath the staircase

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The space underneath the staircase epitomizes a haven of paraphernalia over smartness and order. Homeowners are acquainted with the sight- abandoned muddy shoes, school bags and all sort of clutter. It ought not to be that way. You can restore order and sanity into this space through the following creative ideas: Bespoke cabinets  As far as the space under the staircase is concerned, this is the right time to actually invest in bespoke cabinetry.

30 June 2016

Building a home on an unusual block shape

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If you are building a new home but have an unusually shaped block, you may need to integrate some different features to make your house feel comfortable yet unique. Here are some architect inspired features to add wow to your home and make the most of your building space. Slit windows If your house is near to other homes and there are privacy issues with your neighbours, then you should consider some architect inspired windows such as slit windows.

31 May 2016

How to properly maintain your split system air conditioner

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Split system air conditioning has the ability to cool and heat many different rooms at the same time by only using one unit. Therefore, it's important to maintain that unit to make sure that the temperature is kept on an optimal level while also making sure that the air conditioning unit won't have to struggle to keep it that way. In order to save money, extend the life length of your air conditioner and make sure that you get the best possible performance out of your unit, there are a few things you should think about when it comes to air conditioner maintenance.

11 May 2016

Here's Why You Should Build Your Home in a Gated Community

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If you are looking for a place to build your home, then a gated community is a good place to do it. Essentially, a gated community is a type of housing estate with several residential buildings, a perimeter fence and various shared amenities for the people who live in that area. There are several reasons you should build your home in a gated community. Here are some of them: Proximity to Amenities

27 April 2016